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Our Med Spa in Clarence, NY offers a full suite of Wellness and Aesthetic Services.

  • Testimonials

    Highly recommend Dr. Fatima. She is an awesome doctor and a great person too. 

    - Sana S.

  • Testimonials

    I want to give her 10 stars. She is very patient, listens, gives us time, and is very thorough. I had pain and did not want to take any medicine. She treated my pain completely without any medication. 

    -Majed K. 

  • Testimonials

    Dr. Fatima is an excellent physician who takes the time to listen and help her patients reach their optimal health, her approach is not the band-aid solution, lets fix every illness with a pill.

    -ROCHE M. 

  • Testimonials

    Dr. Fatima is kind, thorough, a great listener, and most of all she really cares about the welfare of her patient. 

    -Jermaine S. 

  • Testimonials

    Dr. Fatima is one of the best doctors I've seen. She takes care of her patients and makes the effort to keep up with their condition. 

    -Mohamed A. 

  • Testimonials

    Dr. Fatima is an excellent doctor, she goes above and beyond in caring for her patients. She's a very caring, knowledgeable doctor. I feel very confident and secure in her practice and advice. 

    -Marlene M. 


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