According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, nearly 7.5 million people received Botox®  injections in 2018, making it the top minimally invasive cosmetic procedure performed in the United States. Botox keeps your face from creating the fine lines and wrinkles associated with aging, smiling, and frowning. 

At My Health 360 in Clarence, New York, Dr. Umbrine Fatima is experienced in providing Botox injections that can improve your facial appearance and reduce the signs of aging⁠—for a more confident you!


Botulinum toxin is the active ingredient in the Botox Cosmetic serum used to treat lines and wrinkles. Botox was approved by the FDA in 2002 for treating facial lines and has maintained its spot as the number one choice for patients and physicians when it comes to esthetic medicine.

Botox works by blocking the nerve impulses to the muscles that cause frown lines, preventing them from contracting. When you smile, laugh, or frown, it still looks natural, but the treated lines around your eyes and forehead will be much less visible when you are making normal facial expressions. 


First, Dr. Fatima will consult with you about your goals for your post-treatment appearance. This helps us determine which wrinkles to target. Once your treatment plan is decided and we know how many units of Botox should be injected and where, the process begins. 

A fine needle is used to inject the Botox along each frown line or wrinkle in a series of what feels like tiny pinpricks. We can provide mitigating treatment to help reduce this sensation and keep you comfortable. The whole process only takes 5-10 minutes per unit of Botox administered. 

You’ll see results in just a day or two, after the initial puffiness has gone down. Your skin should look smoother, fresher, and more youthful. Your results will last around four months, and you can have your injections repeated as needed. As time goes on, you’ll probably notice that effects last longer, and you need less Botox at each appointment. 


Botox is definitely still the most popular choice for a minimally invasive cosmetic enhancement. Here are a few reasons for its lasting popularity:

  • Botox is safe, with minimal side effects and extremely low risk of an adverse reaction. 
  • Botox is fast and shows results just 1-2 days after a single injection
  • Botox is downtime-free, meaning you can go back to your regular routine after treatment.
  • Botox is affordable, with multiple injections costing far less than a traditional facelift.

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