Virtual Urgent Care Services

Due to overwhelming need for medical services related to COVID, we have collaborated with Avicenna Health and Wellness to provide Virtual Urgent Care Clinic to provide medical care to those seeking expert medical opinion/consultations. 

Please be advised that we do not sell any medicines, or promise any prescriptions. It is up to the treating physician's discretion to decide who needs what medicine after initial appointment.

If you are in Ontario and wishing to make appointment with Dr. Fatima, please contact Cristina Alderwood Medical Clinic to make an appointment. You will need a referral for the consultation or you may choose to pay out of pocket. Alderwood Medical Clinic can be reached at 416-503-2541, or located at  878 Brown Line, Etobicoke, Ontario, M8W 3W2. Please fax your referral forms to 416-503-2082.