Meet Our Physicians

Umbrine Fatima, MD, FACP, CPHIMS

Board Certified Internal Medicine



Meet and consult with our American Board of Internal Certified Internal Medicine specialist, Dr. Umbrine Fatima with more than 20 years of experience in this field. Dr. Fatima received her medical degree from Dow Medical University, Pakistan, and completed her Internal Medicine Residency training at New York Hospital, Queens, affiliated with Cornell University Medical College, USA. Dr. Fatima applies integrative approach to her medical care delivery, offering patient-centered care with allopathic, complimentary, alternative, and holistic approaches to deliver personalized medicine best suited to your personal goals of health and wellness.

Dr. Fatima is also a clinical informaticist and a Certified Professional in Health Information Management and Systems with 20+ years of experience in healthcare leadership, including HIPAA compliant organizational transformations. As a practicing physician, combines her clinical and informatics experience to help healthcare organizations develop and implement user-friendly information technologies. Dr. Fatima is also a medical director at SASI, and has recently been appointed to the post of President of the Buffalo District of the New York American College of Physicians.

To learn more about Dr. Fatima and her work, click here to read an article in the local paper that talks about her accomplishments, her motivation and her goals. 

 Please click here to watch this video about Dr. Fatima. 



Moti Ramgopal, MD

Telemedicine Physician & Board Certified Infectious Disease


Consult with Dr. Moti Ramgopal, certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, Board Certified in Infectious Disease, Fellowship trained in Infectious Diseases, and the Certified Principal Investigator for clinical research. He received his medical degree from University of the West Indies Faculty of Medical Sciences and has been in practice for more than 20 years. Asst. Professor Medicine Florida State University Medical School, Dr. Ramgopal has special interests in HIV, AIDS, chronic non-healing wounds, diabetic foot, as well as tropical illnesses like Zika and other diseases endemic in the Caribbean. Dr. Ramgopal cares for patients with infections that are difficult to diagnose and treat, and can be life-threatening. Whether you want a second opinion on your current care for your chronic infections or want to seek his professional opinion for your current problems, Dr. Ramgopal will bring the best to you. Please bring all of your medical records, lab tests, and medications with you for review and assessment at this appointment.

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