When too many medications are taking a toll on you, deprescribing is a solution. Deprescribing means reducing or stopping medications that may not be beneficial or may be causing harm. At My Health 360 in Clarence, New York, board-certified Internal Medicine physician Umbrine Fatima, MD, FACP, CPHIMS, and her experienced team offer deprescribing strategies to optimize medication regimens or reduce the amount of medicine you take in favor of healthy lifestyle changes. Dr. Fatima will review your symptoms, medical history, medication list, and advise on possible interactions and adverse effects you may be experiencing with recommendations to deprescribe if needed. The goal of deprescribing is to maintain or improve quality of life. Schedule an appointment with My Health 360 today.




Deprescribing Q & A

“More than 90% of patients are willing to stop a medication if their doctor says it is possible”

Reeve E, Wolff JL, Skehan M, Bayliss EA, Hilmer SN, Boyd CM (2018) “Assessment of attitudes toward deprescribing in older Medicare beneficiaries in the United States.” JAMA Internal Medicine; Published online 15 Oct 2018

Taking medications may be necessary for health, improving symptoms or prolonging life. However, things change as we get older and our bodies function differently. As a consequence, medications affect our bodies differently, and sometimes cause more harm than benefit. This risk of harm increases as the number of medications you take increases. Often, the symptoms you are experiencing are side effects of the medicines you are taking, and instead of taking a new medicine to counter the side effects it is actually smart to remove the offending medicine. 

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What is deprescribing?

Use of some medication, especially as people get older or more ill, can cause more harm than good. Optimizing medication through targeted deprescribing is a vital part of managing chronic conditions, avoiding adverse effects and improving outcomes. The goal of deprescribing is to reduce medication burden and maintain or improve quality of life. 

Deprescribing at My Health 360 involves optimizing medication regimens using lifestyle or alternative treatments to reduce the dosage you require or allow you to stop taking medicines in the future. Lower medication doses are associated with fewer side effects and put less stress on your kidneys, liver, and other organs.

Why is deprescribing used?

Did you know that 100,000 people die every year in the US alone from preventable medication errors? That’s equal to a jet crashing every single day of the year. Every day, 750 older people living in the United States (age 65 and older) are hospitalized due to serious side effects from one or more medications. Practice of excessive prescribing is deeply embedded in American health care with drug companies promoting their drugs directly to patients. This has caused an epidemic of Medication Overload. When the harms of a medicine outweigh its benefits, it is time to remove that drug to allow improved quality of life. 

Patient Education Resources on Deprescribing:

Watch the video below to make sure your taking the right medications at the hospital!

Sometime, medicines we used to take are no longer good for us, and are some times even dangerous. Watch this video below to learn more about these "Never Meds". 


Watch this video below to learn what to do when you want or are given a new medication. 

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