About Us


To enable individualized eu zên and eudaimonia best suited to your needs.



To facilitate highly personalized, empathetic, quality, and timely health and wellness care in a safe environment.

My Health 360 offers personalized and timely quality health and wellness care at affordable costs.

My Health 360 will work with you to enable your eudaimonia (happiness) and eu zên (living well). Just as you acquire new roles and responsibilities in each phase of your professional life, each phase of your personal life also requires a change in lifestyle and accommodation. The nutrition our body needed when we were six months old is not fit for our needs when we are thirty-five years old. A male metabolizes drugs differently than a female. Sometimes even the symptoms of identical diseases present differently in men and women. At MyHealth360 you receive personalized health and wellness care in a safe environment with an integrative and holistic approach to promote your personal best physical, mental and social well-being.



Compassion. Respect. Quality. 

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