4 Benefits of Concierge Medical Care

4 Benefits of Concierge Medical Care

May 21, 2020

Traditional medical practices are typically overbooked, and it can be difficult to get enough time with your doctor to cover everything you want to talk about. This means your care is reactive instead of proactive because you will often only see a doctor when you are in a crisis.

At My Health 360Dr. Umbrine Fatima and her team here in Clarence, New York, are dedicated to providing quality concierge care on an annualized plan basis, for those who want a personalized health care experience. 

What exactly is concierge medical care? Read on to learn more and see if it’s right for you.

An introduction to concierge medicine

The field of concierge medicine is growing at a rate of 3%-6% each year. Our practice focuses on providing high-quality medical services to a small patient family, operating on an annualized basis for a single flat fee each year. Concierge medicine lets Dr. Fatima provide each of her patients with personal care. 

If you have concierge membership, your medical plan covers four office visits plus some lab fees if necessary. We can even make house visits for a small additional fee if you feel too ill to leave your home. It’s all part of the customized care we believe patients deserve from their family doctor. 

4 benefits of concierge medical care

Your membership at My Health 360 comes with the following benefits:

1. Shorter wait times 

It’s a fact: nearly one-third of concierge medical practices report that patients have zero wait times, and another third have a wait time of less than five minutes. No more waiting in reception and worrying about catching a bug from someone who is sick sitting next to you!

We also want to make sure you don’t have to wait for weeks to get an appointment. We offer same-day appointments for our patients (some exceptions may apply), including virtual visits!

2. More dedicated time with your doctor

A typical doctor visit in the United States includes only 20 minutes to spend with each patient (half of which is spent on paperwork!) Concierge doctors don’t depend on patient volume to keep their practice active, so we can spend more time getting to know you and your health situation.

3. A broader perspective

Our team works to create a comprehensive profile of your health  you might call it a 360 view. We build a clear picture of every one of your body’s systems and check to make sure they are working well together. This provides us with a baseline understanding, so we can quickly see when things have changed and take steps to optimize your medical care. 

4. More comprehensive health coverage

Since concierge medicine puts you in control of your healthcare costs, we aren’t bound by insurance restrictions and denials. We’ll be able to order the tests we know you need, without working our way through “permitted options.” This leads to faster diagnoses and better treatment for you. 

Are you ready for more personalized, patient-focused healthcare? Dr. Fatima and our caring team at My Health 360 are ready to get to know you and your health needs. Contact our Clarence, New York, office today at 716-235-5317 or book an appointment online at your convenience.

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